List of Officers

Legion Officers

Commander - Scott Reier

1st Vice - Tim Shaw

2nd Vice - Al Waterbeck

Financial Officer - Russell Strayer

Adjutant - Suzy Tapp-Johnston

Historian - Hank Kies

Chaplain - Robert McCulloch

Service Officer - Shelley Kneece

Sergeant of Arms - Gordon Shellaberger

Trustee - Tim Pierce

Trustee - David Allison

Trustee - Scott Hurst

Ladies Auxiliary

President - Roxanne Fisher

1st Vice - Deb Allison

2nd Vice - Carolyn Brinkman

Secretary - Ruth Peters

Treasurer - Bobbi Jo Pierce

Chaplain - Nancy Kauffman

Sons Of Legion

Commander - Larry Crapnell

1st Vice - Dennis Jenkins

2nd Vice - Larry Alspaugh

Financial Officer - Bob Vance

Adjutant - Bob Vance

Sergeant of Arms - Paul LaFollette

Chaplain - Mike Vance

Advisor - Jack Albert

Legion Officer Biographies

Post Commander

Scott Reier

First Vice Commander

Tim Shaw

Tim Shaw is a Combat Veteran who served a little over 18 years in the Marine Corps. He retired as a Staff Sergeant. His MOS is 0311/0369 (Infantry). The units that he was assigned to were MCSFTCO-Kings Bay, 2nd Battalion 1st Marines, MCSFTCO-Chesapeake, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 1st Marine Corps Recruiting District -RS State College, OSA State College, 1st Battalion 2nd Marines, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Wounded Warrior Battalion East. He did 7 deployments

Second Vice Commander

Al Waterbeck

Al Waterbeck is a Navy Veteran who served from 1971-1995 (24 years) retiring as a Chief Petty Officer. He served in the Administration/Security Fields on Nuclear Submarines and detachments associated with Submarines. After Boot Camp and Submarine School he was assigned 4 years to his 637 Nuclear Submarine, USS Sea Devil (SSN664). 4 years recruiting with 2 years administration and 2 years at MEPS (induction center), 4 years to an affiliate of Naval Sea Systems Command (SMMS Team Kings Bay, Ga), and a 4 year follow-up Naval Sea Systems Command (SMMS Team Honolulu, HI),  4 years to his 2nd 637 Nuclear Submarine USS Sunfish (SSN639). Both Submarines were out of Norfolk with deployments to North Atlantic, Artic Circle, Equator, and Med Sea, Following 16 Years Active Duty he joined the Naval Reserves out of Detroit, MI until his Retirement.

Financial Officer

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Service Officer

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Sergeant of Arms

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Tim Pierce


Dave Allison