Temporary Financial Assistance


Americanism Commission's Committe on Children & Youth

Since 1919, The American Legion has remained committed to the health and welfare of our Nation's Veterans and families. Born out of the desire to serve, the Committee on Children & Youth established a form of direct aid to Veterans' children in 1925 - Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA). THis landmark program continues to be unique in the field of social work today.

Through TFA, a post can call upon the national organization for cash assistance to help maintain the basic needs of Veterans' children. Non-repayable grants are awarded to elgible families with a child in need when all other available resources have exhausted.

How TFA Helps Children

TFA is specifically designed to assist minor children of elgivle Veterans through cash grants, which contribute to a stable home environment. These grants help families meet the xosts of shelter, utilities, food and medical expenses.

Maintenance Grants

Maintenance grants may be used to assist with expenses for basic needs such as: Shelter, Food, Utilities, and Clothing. Maintenance grants cannot be awarded for previously incurred debt, except to prevent disconnection of utilities or stop eveiction or foreclosure.

Medical Grants

Medical Grants for a child may be used to assist with healthcare expenses such as: Medical Care, Surgery, Medications, Dental Care, Hospitalization, and Dietary Needs. Medical Grants require a written statement from a physician outlining the problems, treatment, and estimated costs. The type of grant must be approved before services are rendered. Medical grants can not be awarded for previous medical ezpenses or care.

Application Process

All TFA applications originate at the local or post level. A local investigator personally visits the family to determine the children's needs. A completed application with supporting documents and proof of Military service is forwarded to the department Children & Youth chairman or department adjutant. The designated department representative reviews easch case, makes a recommendation and forwards the approved application to National Headquarters.

The Americanism Division reviews all approved cases and forwards recommendations to the National Adjutant. Upon approval, checks are forwarded to the Department Adjutants for delivery to posts or families. In most cases, checks, will be two-party checks payable to the Veteran and creditor (s).

Temporary Financial Assistance is a program of:

The American Legion

Americanism Commission's Committee on Children & Youth

P.O. Box 1055

Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

(317) 630-1323



Eligibility for Temporary Financial Assistance is limited to minor children of Veterans. The parent must have served at least one day of Active Duty in the Armed Forces of the United States during one of the following periods:

December 7, 1941 - December 31, 1946

June 25, 1950 - January 31, 1955

Febraury 28, 1961 - May 7, 1975

December 20, 1989 - January 31, 1990

August 2, 1990 - Cessation of Hostilities as determined by the U.S. Government

Membership in the American Legion is not required.

Minor children include any unmarried child, stepchild, and adopted child 17 years or younger. Children 18 - 20 years old will be considered if a current disability requires special schooling or indefinite in-home care, or if they are enrolled in and approved high school. 

No child is considered elgible for TFA until a complete investigation is conducted a legitimate family need is determined and all othe availbale resources have been exhausted. 

TFA applications must originate and be investigated at a local level. Where all other possible resources have been utilized contact your local American Legion Post, Department Headquarters or department Children & Youth chairman.


The American Legion Endownment Fund


Funds for the operation of the TFA, program are provided from a share of the earnings of the The American Legion Endowment Fund.

In 1925, World War One had been over for six years, but Veterans, and their spouses, and children continued to struggle to adjust to the War's aftermath. The members of The American Legion, aware of the grave responsibility entrusted to them by those who had served, knew the time had come to take action.

More than 900,000 Legionaries, Auxiliary members, and other American Citizens joined the campaign raising nearly $5 million and establishing The American Legion Endowment Fund.

Since those early days, tens of millions of dollars, have been distributed to disabled Veterans and children of those who served our great Nation, some of whom made the Ultimate Sacrifice.

To help us continue this proud tradition of service with a tax-deductible contribution , or to request more information about the American Legion Endowment Fund contact:

American Legion Endowment Fund Corporation 

C/O The American Legion National Headquarters

P.O. Box 1055

Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

(317) 630-1323


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